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Information About Islam

In the Name of Allah - about the meaning of the religion.
Ibrahim Shafi's Islamic Resources - page for Islam which has detailed information on Islam.
About Al-Islam and Muslims - to provide accurate information about Islamic beliefs, history and civilization for Muslims and Non-Muslims.
Al Hajj - The Pilgrimmage - Hajj and Umrah Information and Resource site. Hajj Basics, Books & Rites, Dates & Travel, and Sponsorship Information about Hajj and Umrah.
Al-Islam - Informationen ueber den Islam und fuer Muslime, vor allem in Deutschland.
Al-Muslim - information about Islam and Muslims covering a wide range of topics and issues.
Brief Guide to Islam
Companions of The Prophet - knowledge, guidance, and inspiration. This is compilation of stories of The Prophet Muhammad PBUH's Companions taken from several sources.
Edmonton Islamic Resources - includes Islamic terms, texts, modern issues, women's issues, convert stories, and more.
El Paso Islamic Center - a non-profit religious page.
Hakim's Islamic Page - (in Malay)
500 Ahadith
Hanif's Detailed Page on ISLAM! - Detailed page with tons of information on Islam!!
Indonesian Islamic Network - most contents are in the Indonesian language.
Al NOOR - Islam Reference Center
Investigating Islam - Everything you wanted to know about Islam but were afraid to ask!
Islam is the Way
Islam: Its Message
Islam: The Path Of Truth - Information about Qur'an, Hadith, and historical references can be found along with links to other sites.
Islamic Awareness